Saturday, April 18, 2015

P for Probably.....

So it's already 11:30am and I'm just now posting.  I'm so not used to blogging on Saturdays.  
If it's Saturday- I'm probably having breakfast across the street at yummy cafe called Cafe Brazil. Todd and I walk over there and they have the best coffee. 
I'm probably going to do laundry and grocery shopping. 
I'm probably NOT going to bathe the dogs today because it's going to rain later. 
I'm probably NOT going to mop the floor for the same reason above. 
I'm probably going to take a Harley ride with Todd today because it's gorgeous outside right now. 
I'm probably going to take at least 5 pictures today of Jax and Lila because I put their new shirts on them. 
Todd is probably (already) is wearing his new Harley shirt I bought him from California. 
I'm probably going to color my hair at some point today ( my grays are out of control and it's been a year since I touched them up).  Thank goodness for good ol Clairol in a box! 
I'm probably not going to cook dinner tonight either.  
I'm probably going to bed early tonight because I didn't sleep well last night. 

Yall have a super weekend!! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

O for oceans and on the road again

Last night was my last night to stay in California.  After work, I drove to Venice Beach where I was meeting my friend Julie.  As I was on my way I saw a nice Harley shop so of course I had to pull in. I grabbed a shirt for my hubs and myself and was out in 15 minutes. I met Julie at a hotel that has a rooftop bar that faces the ocean so you can see the sunsets.  It was so fun! It was packed and we never did get seated but that was ok. Julie invited 2 of her friends to join us and they were so cool.  They were so sweet and acted as if they knew me forever. 
We stayed at hotel bar for a few hours and I was starving. Julie wanted to show me another one of her favorite places to eat and it was so good! It was called Scopas.  I had one of the best pasta dishes ever.  I only had one drink yesterday and it was at the rooftop. A delicious mojito. 
Julie took Uber to the hotel so that she could ride back with me to her house in Pacific Palisades. I stayed the night and got to see her husband Tony and 2 of her kids Henry and Gracie. I love them so much! 
If I was thinking clearly while booking my flights, I should have stayed over the weekend so I could have played more and gone to the beach. I didn't want to leave but I do miss Todd and my sweet dogs.  The only bad part of California is the flight home.  It's a 3 .5 hour flight and then I lose 2 hours with time difference.  I'm basically traveling the whole day. 
I'm actually typing this post from my phone so it's not posting until late today. 
And now for some pics: 
Have a great Friday yall!! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for No dieting while traveling

So as you know I'm working in California this week in business. I've been training large classes to our sales reps here on an  application.  I have many dear friends here that I love to hang out with and have dinner after work.  When we travel, we do have a specific allowance allotted for each meal. It's enough to eat well but also reigned in enough from going too crazy.  I've had dinner every night with friends and having great meals. I posted a little yesterday's post.
Last night I ate the cheapest and it was totally junk food. I had dinner with friend Rosa and we always eat at one of our favorite places The Hat.  It's soooo good and it's been around for 60 years.  They have burgers and fries but they also have  roast beef and pastrami.  We actually get chili cheese fries with pastrami on top.  Good grief it's so yummy!! I also very seldom drink sodas. I usually drink sweet tea or water. When you're eating at The Hat- you have to have a cherry coke. 
I've been eating later in the evenings too so I am going to bed on a very full stomach.  It's so hard to eat healthy and have a diet of any kind when you travel. At least it is for me!! 
I am having dinner tonight at Venice Beach but not sure where. Julie always knows the fun places so I'm excited!! 
I love not being stuck in a hotel by myself while out of town and enjoying my friends! 
Have a great day yall. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M - making memories and music

Hey yall - happy Wednesday! I'm working this week in Southern California south of LA. I absolutely love being here! California is one my most favorite happy places.  I used to live in Cali when I was in junior high.  To think I could have been a surfer girl..... 
I have a good number of friends that I love to hang out with and visit when I come here.  I actually feel bad that I'm not able to spend more time with a few of my friends this week.  My college roommate and best friend Julie lives here specifically in Pacific Palisades that's a little more than an hour to get to from where I'm at.  We had dinner tonight and I'm spending the night with her Thursday night.  I'm so excited to see the kids and hang out like old times.  

I had dinner with great friends last night with Brandon and Ben.  They are so much fun and we go to the coolest restaurants.  We ate last night at a place called Phlights.  It was a tapas place and it was amazing!! We shared meatballs, bacon wrapped dates , a pork taco with bean sauce , a cheeseburger and I had sangria.  SOOOO delicious! 

Tomorrow night  visiting my friend Rosa and I can't wait for that.   Truth is, I was very close to moving in with Rosa and being roommates with her. I had broken up with my ex- boyfriend and really wanted to move to Cali. Todd came along and changed those plans. Lol!  I don't regret my decision for a minute but I do miss California.  I love my job and I love seeing my good friends that I don't get to see too often. To me, that's making memories while also working hard.  
I was going to post some songs too but my laptop is being fussy.  I was going to post a song by Matchbox 20 which I love! 
The lead singer is Rob Thomas and I just saw him in concert last month with my friend Theresa.  Made memories that night as well. 
Have a wonderful day yall! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

L is for Lupus

I HATE Lupus!! Its LIFE-changing and slowly wearing my mother down.  If you type in Lupus in Google you will see this:
Lupus: Also called: SLE, systemic lupus erythematosis

An inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues

That butterfly rash you see- its painful.  The rash can be on top of your head and inside your nose and places that are tender. 

I got the rest of this pictures from Pinterest.  There's a lot of information out there.
Systemic lupus erythematosus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSide Effects of Lupus
Photo by realhousewifebx #lupus
My mom has had some terrible seizures and her depression is like no other.  She used to never suffer from depression. The headaches are downright crippling. She cant get out of bed sometimes from her head hurting so bad.

I dont always get a disease but when I do there is no cure memePrintable: "Keep Calm and Fight Lupus" from Etsy shop WereLivingStrong
#lupus flare. Know the signs of a lupus flare

My dear friend and blogger Marla has Lupus and her posts have helped me tremendously on understanding what mom lives through.  Its called Luck Fupus and you will love her honesty.  Go visit her and tell her I sent Ya! 
Lupus is an autoimmune disease that damages cell and tissues. This infographic explains what an auto immune disease is and the symptoms of lupus

Sunday, April 12, 2015

K for Kids

I've posted only a few times on my blog about my having kids. Mostly in the fact that I couldn't have any.  I have a few things going against me in the whole baby department.  It's pretty personal but  honestly now at my age- I have nothing to hide.  To start I have endometriosis, uterine fibroids and uterine cysts , PCOS ( polycystic ovary syndrome )and a tipped uterus.  It just wasn't in the cards for me to bear children.  With all I had going against me, I also had to have some permanent procedures a few years back that sealed the deal such a a tubal ligation and a endometrial ablation. Not to overload with details but I had no choice due to the excessive bleeding and abnormal monthly periods. Surgery was my only option to have a piece of normal life.  
Truth is for the most part I am and have always been Ok with these cards that God dealt. I think I always knew even as a teenager that I may not have kids and so I started at a young age pretending I didn't want them.  I was always going to be a business women and have a career first.  I also had a few long term relationships where neither of my boyfriends wanted children.  It wasn't  until I reached my 40's that being childless started to hurt.  I have a few times a year that I have a pity party for myself and have a good ol ugly cry.  I've pretty much excluded attending any baby showers.  What can I add to the conversations?  Understand though- I am truly genuinely delighted and excited for my friends and family.  I've not once asked why them and not me.  I don't have an ounce of anger or sadness when I hear the news of someone else expecting.  Pinky swear!!  
It's the whole deal of not having someone to pass my possessions too and to visit me at the nursing home. I have a wedding dress that I can't hand down. Silly stuff like that is what makes me sad.  I've lived a very full life up until now and not sure what it would have been like if kids were included.  I traveled a lot more with my job a few years ago and I couldn't have done it with kids. 
The good news is that Todd has 2 kids from his first marriage so I became instant stepmom.  They are teenagers and they are great kids! I have 4 nieces and many friends who's kids call me Aunt Holli.  I am blessed with children that love me and that I can love on whenever I want.   

People sometimes pity me or can't understand why I didn't have kids.  It's no ones business.  I wish others would stop and realize that we didn't ask for these decisions that were made for us- we just learn to live them with and accept them an enjoy life no matter what. Mothers Day gets to be a little harder.  I have friends and family that struggle with infertility and that's who i cry for.  They ache for a baby. I didn't marry until 2 years ago and I'm in my late 40's. I'm sure that had I married at a younger age, I would have a different story.  As for me now, I have 2 awesome furry babies that I adore. 
Have a wonderful day!! I'm currently flying to LA today because I'm training classes all week in our Downey, CA office. My best friend from college lives close by and I'm so excited to visit her. Matter of fact , her 3 kids have always called me Aunt Holli.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

J - just another day

So we were going to go away this weekend originally with a large group of our riding buddies to Hill Country. The forecast promised of lots of rain so everyone cancelled. Todd and I still wanted to get away and had planned to until today and we changed our mind. Btw, I'm writing this now on Friday. 
We our going to Ohio next month for a band reunion that Todd plays in. We already booked our tickets and so its a done deal.  Then as mentioned on my D for Donna post- I want to visit Mom this year and go to a wedding in Idaho. 
It was decided that we need to save what money we can to our planned trips.  Not that it was going to be too expensive this weekend but with gas, hotel, meals and any other it does add up. 
So today and this weekend is just like any other day. I have tons to do around the house and We are going to visit Nanny now.  She lives 2 hours away so it's 4 hrs round trip.  She's worth it and I enjoy every minute with her I can. 
I have to travel all next week for work in Los Angeles and I need to pack for that too.  Sometimes it sucks being an adult and making responsible decisions. Haha
Yall have a nice weekend!