Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Battle of the Bands

Hey y'all!! Its past my bed time but i made a commitment to participate in the Battle of the bands hosted by Stephen McCarthy at his Blog.

There are a lot of people who play along with these battles so go to Stephen's page and check out all the others.
Here's how it works. I am going to post the same song sung by two different bands or singers.
You comment with your favorite and then i'll let you know later who won the battle.  Fun huh?!
I only know a few that i wanted to enter the link with so it wont be an all the time gig for me.  Or will it? I may have so much fun i want to always play along!  Lets get through the first one.

The song is called Just Breathe.  It was written and released in 2009 by the band Pearl Jam.  I am really a big fan of this band and have always wanted to see them live but never have.  Eddie Vedder is the lead singer of this band and he's very involved in charities, politics, etc.  He uses his force for good and not evil though.  I think he's an awesome song writer as well as other guys in the band.

In 2012 , Willie Nelson and his son Lukas Nelson did their own version. Now this is so hard because i honestly love both versions and have them on my ipod and phone.  The video to me is Willie singing the song to his son and in the end he's preparing his son for when he's gone.  Thats how i interpreted the video when seeing it.  Listen to how much Lukas sounds like his dad. Crazy!
Here are the lyrics to the song:
"Just Breathe"

Yes, I understand that every life must end, uh-huh
As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, uh-huh
Oh I'm a lucky man, to count on both hands the ones I love
Some folks just have one, yeah, others, they've got none

Stay with me...
Let's just breathe...

Practiced all my sins, never gonna let me win, uh-huh
Under everything, just another human being, uh-huh
I don't wanna hurt, there's so much in this world to make me bleed

Stay with me
You're all I see...

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn't I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me

As I come clean...
I wonder everyday, as I look upon your face, uh-huh
Everything you gave
And nothing you would save, oh no

Nothing you would take
Everything you gave...

Did I say that I need you?
Oh, did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn't I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me
And I come clean, ah...

Nothing you would take
Everything you gave
Hold me til I die
Meet you on the other side...

Can you believe that July is here? Seriously where did June go? It seems like we went from May to July.   Have a great day!! I go home Thursday night and i'm ready for my own bed, my hubby and my dogs. Not in that order of course.

Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm MIA in STL

Hey y'all I miss you already! I am in St. Louis this week training new hire school from 8 to 5 solid.  I flew in this morning and literally began my day training. I didn't have time to post and I didn't get to read any of your posts.  I'm doing this post from my phone.  
I can't believe this happened to me tonight but I was with a friend after work  (Tina) and we went to a new restaurant that has opened recently since last year when I was here last. It's a BBQ place called Sugarfire that had patio seating.  I got out of the car which was parked in front row next to the entrance door and I saw the curb- somehow I missed and totally wiped out on my knee and then slid with arms straight out in front of me.  Thank goodness I was wearing a maxi dress! 
My back is killing me and I skinned my knee. I bounced up quickly and Tina and I laughed all night.  I know I'm going to hurt even more tomorrow. I'm not tall but  grown ups just shouldn't be falling down often. LOL! 
After dinner Tina and I hit up one of our favorite thrift stores so I did end my night on a better note. I stayed upright! 
I found the cutest nativity thingy that was only 3$. You can't have too many baby Jesus's you know! I also got a pair of denim shorts that had a hole in a very strange place once I tried them on at hotel.  There will be a patch in the future for those! I bought this sweet glass egg shaped holder with bird on it.  I really love it and hope it survives the flights back home in suitcase. 

This was my plane at 6 am.  Boarding was at 6:30. 

This was the sun coming up at 6:40.  So pretty! 
y'all I wanted to buy this cot so bad if I had a clue how to ship it to Dallas. It was only 25$ and would make such a cute daybed with tons of pillows.  I've been wanting one so bad and I wish I didn't see this one!  Oh well. 
This is the sun setting through my wind shield with rain drops. Let's just call this an artistic touch. Haha! 
I'm going to do my best to post tomorrow night too. I'm having dinner with a dear friend who just had his second kidney transplant last month.  I can't wait to see him! 
Hope your Monday was a good one and I'll try to read some posts tomorrow.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

No More No Less

I'm working from home today, I have my furry babies close to me, i walked to the donut shop this morning and got a cinnamon sugar twist and we have no plans for tonight. Its going to be a Great day!!
I have seen this question asked on Fb and on other blogs - what would  be your power song? What song describes you or that you would play when you enter a room.

I have a song that has been one of my favorites since it came out in 2006. Its a Contemporary christian song by MercyMe. The song is No More no Less.   I love it!!  To me its saying that i am trying to be me and not trying to be better than anyone else. I am so Blessed to have GOD as my all time Father. I pray to one day go HOME to Heaven.
Here are the lyrics:

i'm not trying to hide anything
I wear it on my sleeve
I wear it on my sleeve
I'm not trying to be something I'm not
This is all I've got
This is all I've got
I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel
Just trying to be real
Trying to be real
I'm not trying to say follow me
I'm not the one who leads
I'm not the one who leads
Let me introduce myself to you
This is who I am
No more, no less
I am just a man who understands
Because of You I'm blessed
No more, no less
I'm not trying to prove anything
It's all about the change
It's all about the change
I hope you stare just long enough to see
The heart that's beating here inside of me
Beyond all the things you may think you know
I'm just a kid trying to make it home, that's it
No more, no less
Lord, I want to go home
Nothing more, nothing less

Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday

It's Thursday YAY!!  I used to never be one of those people that literally counted down the days until the weekend but here lately I am.
I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the most sincere sweetest comments on yesterday's post.  I really wasnt trying to be a Debbie Downer. I'm glad I posted about one of my memory scars though because i realize how so many of you have similar experiences.  I'm learning also that I can't always post with "Pollyanna" attitude.  I do consider myself a half full kind of girl though.  Staying positive is what gets me through. 
On a happier funny tone now, I am sharing with you 2 pictures of me from high school.  I think this might be my sophomore or junior year.  I lived out in the country on land that my great grandmother grew up and lived on until she was 98. 

This is me in my drill team uniform with my most amazing sweetest grandpa of all times Poppy in front of his Harley.  Poppy was Choctaw Indian.  That's where I get my olive complexion from. 
I miss my Poppy so much it hurts! The close up makes my legs look long to me. LOL

These pictures are from me taking a pic from my phone of the originals. I scanned them but they were fuzzy. 

This is after I changed into my normal clothes and our dog Bear wanted to be in the picture.  He was such a good Ol dog.  Poppy's Harley was called the Pink Thing. He won several trophies and was always in bike shows.

One my most favorite songs still today was popular at this time called Safety Dance by Men without hats.  I love the 80's!!

I hope you have a wonderful day yall!! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All i got is this Photograph

I came across a blogger (Robin) who blogs at Your Daily Dose. Her blog posts are based on soundtrack of her life.  I immediately was a follower because well y'all know how much I love music and have a strong connection to songs and lyrics. I feel like in some ways many of my posts fall into that category.  Since last weekend was Father's Day , I am still thinking of dear ol Dad.  A memory that I have that still chokes me up takes me back to 1979. I was in junior high and we were living in San Jose, California.  We lived in a gated condo area and it was walking distance to a grocery store. That was both good and bad for me.  Good when I wanted to be away from my one year old little brother and mom needed me to ride my bike to pick something up. Bad when Mom wanted some time alone and made me push my brother in the stroller around the shopping center.  Keep in mind yall, these were the days when kids could walk and ride and skateboard farther than a few blocks without having CPS called. 
Anyway, I must have really been missing Daddy in a bad way because I saw this man in one of the aisles of the grocery store and for a full minute, I seriously thought he was my dad.  I had not seen Daddy in over a year and he had a full beard and just shy of his shoulder length hair when I saw him last.  Keep in mind this was still the 70's.   I shouted Daddy and of course the stranger kept walking. I followed him down the next aisle and walked right up to him and said Dad. The poor guy looked at me like I was crazy and then I muttered " oh sorry- I thought you were my dad" then turned around and ran off. I started crying and cried the whole time I paid for the items in line and cried all the way home. I didn't want my mom mad at me for crying which not sure why she would be so I lied and told her a bug flew in my eyes and made them water.  It didn't matter that I actually  thought daddy could be in my town , in my state, in my grocery store without telling me.  In those minutes, everything seemed logical.  Shaking my head now.
Sometimes I think back and realize that Divorce can leave tiny little hooks in you here and there. When you get snagged on one of those hooks you remember that life can fray like those ends of a shirt that you yank meaning to pull off but instead if unravels and makes the string 3 times as long and damage to the shirt.
A song that takes me back to this moment is by Ringo Starr ( of the Beatles) when he did his solo work. The song is about a man in love with a woman but it was popular when i was young and it still makes me think of that memory of missing Daddy.
Have a great day y'all!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

My Nemesis

Hey yall! Hope your weekend was an awesome one.  I had a great weekend and didn't want to come to work today.  So do any of you have a Nemesis? Someone who is your rival , that is more or less your enemy? Unfortunately I do. 
I really really struggle with this person.  Yall, I promise I'm not one of those paranoid  people who think everyone is out to get me and I don't look for problems.   Believe me when I tell you that my nemesis feels the same of me.  In fact it's because of her hatred of me that has caused me so much grief and why I can't stand her.  This sounds so petty as I write this out like a schoolgirl catfight. 
This person "N" for Nemesis literally goes out of her way to get me in trouble, chastise, make me miserable.   
N is a coworker. She even lives in a different state than me. However we work on the same application so i do have to have interaction. I pray for N. I pray for me to have strength to deal with N.  Do you know how much that sucks when you have to think about and pray for your enemy after work hours?  I will go to church and hear all about forgiveness then I'm saying to myself  I can do this. I can forgive N and pray for her then I swear she will turn around and be hateful the next day. Endless battle!  It's like  we are two different religions that will never see eye to eye. 
I rarely post anything real personal on Facebook. I said rarely. I do but not often. Anyway, last Friday I had a horrible day and N contributed mostly to that.  I posted on FB that I HATE myself from feeling the way I do because of her. She presses those buttons that make me explode.  I honestly don't know what to do. I don't think there is anything I can do differently.  She is a mean horrible bully and always has been.  I love my job besides her being with the company.  She's not going anywhere either.  I can only pray for a miracle.  I pray that someone slaps her into tomorrow and she realizes she's a miserable lugnut! I have countless of crazy stories that you wouldn't believe of things she's done to me and said to me. I can't relive them now because I don't have time and my hot flashes are out of control today anyways.  
The ironic thing is one of my sayings I'm known for repeating to my friends is " hate is a very strong word"!  When people say I hate - I usually chime in with very much dislike.  I'm a hypocrite now. I have hate in my heart. Just for this one person.  

So there you have it. Normally I'm more like Pollyanna but I have my moments. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

My father figures i celebrate

This weekend is Father's Day weekend and we have a busy day planned this Sunday.  We will have lunch after church with Todd's family and celebrate my father in law Bob.  I won the INlaw lottery yall when I married Todd. They are the most cutest sweetest supportive inlaws a girl could ask for.  It will be a double celebration because we are also celebrating my sister n laws birthday that was this week.  We meet at the same Mexican restaurant every time and I have no problem with that at all.  The funny thing is that when I spoke to Daddy last night on what he wants to do that evening, he also wants Mexican food.  I  need to remember to take my Nexium purple pill that day!  So both Todd and I will see our dads for Fathers' Day.   Don't tell Todd but i bought him a new wedding ring since he lost his back in December. I replaced it with a ring from James Avery that i think he will like. He doesn't read this so i'm not too worried. 
The bittersweet part of this day is that its our first Father's Day without my stepdad Don. He passed this past January and I know this weekend is going to be so very tough on my baby brother.  I miss my stepdad and cant believe he's gone. He lived in Oklahoma near my brother so it sometimes just seems that he's out of town and not really gone. 
I've had a few father figures in my life and I am so blessed by every one of them.  My parents divorced when I was 4 or 5 and we lived with my grandparents off and on a lot. My grandfather Poppy was there for me everyday. Its true when I say I was his favorite.  No really I was. I loved to ride the motorcycle with him and I was his shadow. I would hang out in the garage with him for hours while he tinkered on the Harley.  That never changed when I grew up.  Poppy was my hero. I miss him more than anything and he's been gone for 17 years. I can cry right now because its still so strong of a loss.

In high school, my mom wanted to move a few cities over when I was a junior in high school. I was devastated because I was doing really well in school and I had made officer on my drill team. No way was I going to switch schools and start all over again. I had just transferred to that school my second semester of my freshman year. It just so happens that my uncle was wanting to move back to the country where we lived and he agreed to let me live with him so I didn't have to move and switch schools.  Uncle James even bought my very first prom dress for my Junior-Senior prom.  He had 3 sons  and i was like a daughter to him. We had such a great year.  I would come home from school and we would go fishing or even catch an early movie and he's a wonderful cook!! I was so grateful that he allowed me to live with him at such an important time. My mom , stepdad and brother lived less than an hour away and of course i had to check in with Mom every day and i spent most weekends with them. 

My stepdad married Mom when i was 13. He was such a loving man who loved me like i was his own. Don is my role model for my stepkids i have today with Todd.  Don taught me how to do the Texas two-step and the cotton eyed Joe.  He was so patient and laid back which was good when i was a high strung emotional teenage girl! I couldn't ask for a better stepdad in my life. He supported me and encouraged me all through high school and college and everything after. Don was always proud me becoming a career woman and focusing on my job instead of settling down. Don was the only one that didn't harass me about when i was going to get married or have kids.  I miss him so much.

Daddy and i didn't become really close until my junior year in high school.  I always would visit him for a weekend here and there and when i was in elementary school he lived in Colorado. I flew there when i was 7 and spent the whole summer with him. Dad bought me my first car which was a '72 Datsun station wagon stick shift.  I hated that car and it was always breaking down on me.  My summer after graduation i worked for Dad in his office and he would deposit my paychecks in an account and would let me have an allowance. The money saved went towards my allowance when i went to college that fall semester.  It was such a smart idea even though i didn't like not getting my whole paycheck every other week when i was working.  Then when i transferred from junior college to  a university i moved in with him. He was single at the time and lived very close to my school. We got to know each other more and got closer.  Fast forward 5 years after college, i moved to Florida and was engaged to a guy named Jack.  We only lasted 3 years and when i moved back to Texas, Daddy let me move back in with him until i got on my feet.  Mom had moved to Wyoming when i was in college.   The rest is history as they say. I've always lived pretty close to Dad and we have a great relationship.  I couldn't even accept the possibility of losing him when he was so ill with his lung disease. The transplant has been the best thing in our lives!!

The songs i posted remind me of certain times or memories of my father figures in my life.  I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day y'all!!!