Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oh Craigslist - I love you/ I hate you

Is it Friday yet? No? Shoot! I have to share with you what a fantastic sport my husband is. Like he is amazing that he didn't come home and kill me yesterday. 

Ok so you know we're moving in a few weeks and we want to get a shed to place in backyard. I thought if we find one now , we can put in backyard early at house and then we can immediately put stuff in it on moving day. I started perusing Craigslist on Sunday night and came across a nice size shed FOR FREE. 
I emailed the owner and asked if it was available and he replied yes. I didn't see that until yesterday morning.  I mentioned  to Todd about what I found and he was good with it. 
The owner was very bossy and wanted to know if we could pick up by noon and he lived in Allen which is kinda far from where we live. Todd had work appointment and then I met up with him in Dallas during lunch break so we could switch vehicles. I have a pickup and Todd drives small SUV. 
When Todd got there ( around 12:45), the shed was at farthest end of the pasture. He walked around it and realized that it was in bad shape and missing all doors. One whole side had crumpled and was damaged. The owner stated in the ad to use shed for storage or to scrap it for metal. Todd started taking it apart and quickly came to conclusion that there was way too many screws and bolts and his exact quote was " Humpty Dumpty wouldn't be  put back together". So now Todd felt like he had to finish the tear down so he loaded up all the pieces and stacked my truck high. I went online and found a few scrap metal places and sent them to him to drop off the metal.  Poor thing, when he drove to the closest scrap yard it was 4:35 and a guy came out and said " sorry we close at 4:30". Todd replied back " look at all this. Please help a brother out, I can't take this home". Lol! The guy was nice and helped him unload it all and paid him 10$. 
The bottom line is that the owner of shed basically got free labor to haul his crap off the land. Todd said he was a young cocky guy and said Oh yeah lots of money in the scrap metal. UM no dude- with all the hours lost taking it apart and gasoline spent driving out there- 10$ doesn't cover it!  My friend suggested reporting the guy on Craigslist because it was such false advertising.  It's too late now so not going to bother but Todd is going to be weary of my great finds! 
This is what the owner posted :
Todd left the floor behind . 

This is really what it looked like: 

 Sweet hubby lost half of day and he was not mad at me at all. He knew I had good intentions.  Win some- lose some! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pretty Little Beauty Swap

Hey y'all! How was your Easter weekend? Seriously mine was so crazy busy and fun! Friday I went to see Rob Thomas in concert at Winstar casino in Oklahoma. It's only a few hours away and it went by quickly because my friend and I were getting caught up.  The concert was incredible!! It was acoustic and he called it an Intimate Performance. I just can't stop thinking about it and that means something.  

Saturday morning, Todd and I continued packing. We got a lot done but so much more to go. We have to pack every day after work.  Later that evening, we met our friends Di and David and went to Lone Star Park horse races in Grand Prairie.  That was my first time there for the races and it was soooo much fun! I didn't win much but I didn't lose all I had either so I was happy. My friends won 18$ so they were happy. lol. The bets were 2$ so you can play for hours and only spend 10 bucks. Only complaint is that we had box seats so it was indoors but people are allowed to smoke.  I was stinky when I got home but it was worth it! 

Yesterday we went to church and then had nice lunch with my in laws. I love them like crazy and had great visit. I ate too much and went home and took a nap.  We didn't pack yesterday so it was a lazy day with Jax. 

I signed up a few weeks ago for a beauty swap over at Chelsee's blog Southern Beauty Guide.  I thought it would be fun and nice to meet new bloggers.  Who doesn't love getting makeup in the mail? I received my  package on Saturday and loved my stuff. 
I got some BB cream, some lipgloss, lip liner , liquid eyeliner ( my fave) and some mascara.  Thanks Angie!  Love it! 
It's fun to do swaps here and there. Now that I'm moving, back to a tighter budget so glad I did this swap now. 
Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday's Confessions

Hey y’all, Happy hump day to you. I came across a blog this morning that caught my eye because she’s a Dallas girl like myself. Her name is Bella and blogs at Dateless in Dallas.
She hosts a Wednesday link-up called simply “ Wednesday’s Confessions”.  My fave blog hop Hodgepodge is skipping a week while the host enjoys a vacation with her family over Easter week.

I confess that I’m pretty stressed that we move in 2 weeks.  Holy cannoli I’ve got to get busy and pack more every night!  I stopped by the  house this past Monday after work and so relieved and happy that they painted all the dark wood paneling. It made the house look so different and it calmed Todd down. He was not happy about the old dark look it had. I’m getting excited to have a back yard for Jax!

I confess that I feel a little guilty that I’m going to see Rob Thomas in concert this Friday while I should be home packing but not so guilty that I wont have great time. I’m going with one of my girlfriends that I haven’t seen in several months because we both are just so busy.  “T” and I have been friends since my college days and we were waitresses together downtown. I’m excited to hang out and have some girl time.

I am aggravated that I’ve crappy headaches all week and I missed a blogger party last night that was also a painting party. They were painting Dallas skyline and I really was excited for that.  Seriously, my headaches keep getting worse as I get older.  Which by the way I’ll be getting older next month and not exactly excited about it this year.  I’m approaching closer and closer to 50 and that FREAKS me out!

I confess that I’m addicted to The Voice and this season is so dang good! Lots of great singers and very R&B soulful singers which I like.

I wish I was spending more time training Jax. He does not know a single command. Not come here, NO, sit, stop, NADA- NOTHING!!  I just want to love on him and let him sit on my lap while we watch TV. 

I still need to wrap up my weekend at Antique week post and should have done that today instead of this random post. LOL Oh well!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Successful day - no horsing around!

Hey folks how was your weekend? Yep I know it's Tuesday but I was cross-eyed from a mini migraine yesterday so no blogging for me. Anywho I had an awesome weekend and wanted to tell you about our fundraiser that my parents hosted at the ranch for a friend. 
My dad has a garage apartment that he built several years ago for the various ranch hands that have come and gone. Keith has been working for Dad for many years ago and as you can imagine extremely helpful when Dad was sick and in hospital last year. He's helped out tremendously and all the horse boarders have grown close to him as well. 
Sadly, Keith was diagnosed with cancer and has a large tumor growing under his chin ( that he can mostly hide with his beard). He's opted not to undergo surgery and try as we might- we have to accept and more importantly respect his decisions. Keith has found some natural supplements and injections that he's heard about and they are a bit costly and he doesn't have insurance. Soooo, my sweet stepmom talked it over with Dad and they hosted a beautiful fundraiser that was an all day event this past Saturday. 
There was horse and riding games and events starting at 10:00 am with prizes given out to the winners.  Deb cooked the biggest pan of BBQ pulled pork and had beans, potato salad, chips , cookies , and more.  There were raffle tables with one dollar tables, 5 dollar, 10 dollar tables  and 4 items starting at 25$.  It was luck of the draw so you had to buy lots of tickets to increase your chances of winning. We charged 5$ for dinner , 2$ for beer or wine , and 1$ for sodas and water.  
I helped man the welcome table where everyone bought the raffle tickets , dinner  and drinks.  There was such a huge turnout and many of Keith's friends he went to high school with and family came  out to support.  I had some of my friends come out with the kids and they won a raffle prize that they bidded on. 
Some of the bigger prizes were a month free of boarding which was the most purchased ticket item. All of the boarders were crossing their fingers for that one.  A 1948 am radio completely restored and worked beautifully.  I loved it and wanted to throw my raffle ticket in but one man bought 1000.00$ worth of tickets towards it. He won thank goodness! Someone donated a 4 day 3 night stay in Rockport , TX in condo. There was fine print that said no pets allowed so we didn't try for that one either.  Todd and I really want to take Jax to the beach with us next time we go. 
I won an hour massage and I'm so excited! I placed most of my tickets for a brass butler that belonged to my dad but I didn't win. I was so bummed but I was the one that was picking out the tickets. Lol. I didn't have lucky fingers on items I bidded on. There was tons of prizes related to horses so I didn't bid on them. There was one horse blanket I won for Jax to lay on though after the initial drawing that no one bidded on. 

We raised over 5,000 dollars and there were also several sealed envelopes given directly to Keith. It was just an amazing beautiful day and to be a part of such a fun event spent laughing and donating money to a friend was so special. Then the very next day on Sunday , it rained liked crazy and temps were so much cooler. 
Now I will shower y'all with bunches of photos from the day: 
That's Keith and my cute Daddy! 

Way cool AM radio from the 40's

I wasn't able to grab pic before they sliced cake but a boarder is also a pro cake maker. 

I did win those vintage canisters on end. 
Todd teaching Jack to drive golf cart

Selfie of me and buddy Wendy 
Dads new truck. How sweet is this! 

And this is Dads old Cadillac . He likes his old toys and we did buy his Harley a few years ago so these are safer. 

I've still got a killer headache so I'm bummed because I had plans to attend a blogger painting party tonight and have to cancel. Stupid winds and cold weather have triggered my headaches. I love me some excedrin migraine pills! 

Talk to ya later ....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Texas Antiques Week

I recently had one of the most AH.MAZ.ING experiences a few weeks ago in parts of Small-town Texas.  Round Top, Warrenton and La Grange to be exact.  I've known about this slice of Heaven for many years but never made it out for various reasons. As mentioned a few posts ago, I reached out to one of my fave bloggers Debbie (Talking Trash) who also is a longtime seasoned Junker who sets up every year at these shows. I volunteered my free labor while also learning the ropes and having her mentor me.  I am actively working on being a small time junker in the very near future and have lots to learn.
Debbie's daughter Jennifer happened to live very close to me so she rode with me to keep me company and she knew the way to get to our destination. It was a win/win! She met me fairly early on that Friday morning and we got there around 4.5 hrs later. Plenty of time to get to the booth and get used to the surroundings. 
It's hard to explain how excited I was to see rows among rows among rows of large circus tents of booths. It's a two week shindig and hosts over 60 "shows".  Each field has a name and thats the show. Example we were in Zapp Hall building and the field/land it's on is the Zapp show.  It had everything from genuine fine antiques , garage sale sorts and hand crafted pieces. Celebrities come out like Miranda Lambert, Mathew McConoughy, John Malkovic and more. Have you ever watched Junk Gypsy's on HGTV or GAC? Amie and Jolie are the main girls the show is centered around. Well this is their haven and they recently opened their new beautiful headquarters and shop down the road from the shows. 
We made a stop in to look around and to buy a souvenir. Fun fact , my friends Debbie , Jennifer and Debs husband Danny have known these girls forever before they made it big time. Every time Jolie saw them , she stopped to talk to them or hugged their neck. It was pretty cool! 
I will wrap up this post of pictures I took while visiting the Junk Gypsy headquarters . I don't have a camera so these are phone pics. I have so many more pics and stories to show so stay continued. 
Large Marge is this pink beauty! 

I got a tshirt with this saying

Children's section. So cute! 

Archie is beautiful model on their website and works there. Sweet sweet girl! 

Large Birdcages with lights. I die!! 

Um yeah, JG totally did Miranda and Blake Sheltons wedding . 

Jolie, her son Cash Baker and Jennifer

So there ya go! Ready to with me next time? 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My weekly HodgePodge

1. April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. When did you last 'shower' attention on someone or have attention 'showered' on you? Did you love it, or did all that attention make you squirm? Well I did just get married 6 months ago so I was showered with attention on our wedding day. I loved having all my closest friends and family around me. I am also having a wedding shower this Friday so I get to do the showering of attention.

2. Share a favorite 'spring break' memory. Not talking about just the 'college spring break' thing, but any favorite spring break memory you'd like to share. Keep it family friendly please! My college roommate/best friend and I drove to South Padre island and had a great time on the beach with our school friends. On our way home passing through downtown Dallas- our concert arena posted one of our favorite bands playing that same night. We got back to Denton (45 minutes away) and we were so crispy sunburned, took a nap and shower and drove back down and bought scalper tickets and got the best seats to a great concert! We had so much fun being young and spontaneous. Makes me smile every time I think about it.
 3. It's National Pecan Month...are you a fan? If so, what's your favorite dish that calls for pecans? love love love pecans! I also pronounce them PA CONS- not PEE CANS. I love my Nanny’s rum cake with pecans baked on the top. I love millionaires which is chocolate , pecans, and caramel. All things pecans is good. 4. 'Put all your eggs in one basket', 'egg on your face', 'rotten egg', 'walk on eggshells', or 'a good egg'...which egg-spression could most recently be applied to your own life? would say Put all my eggs in one basket because we are moving in a few weeks and I have a lot of eggs to pack in many baskets! I’m married to a good –egg and my puppy Jax is truly a rotten egg because he’s spoiled rotten!! I don’t like having to walk on eggshells and avoid those situations as much as possible.
Jax went to Petco with me and drive thru for lunch. He hates riding but he liked the treats at petco.
 5. In my experience you have to plow through whatever it is that’s important to you no matter what speedbumps are thrown your way. I’ve been with my company going on 19 years this September and there has been 2 times that I actually HATED coming to work because of an evil coworker or a supervisor that was not equipped for his position. Now I’m the last one standing and both of those people left the company for various reasons over the years. I’m so grateful I didn’t react to my emotions and knew that I was with the company I wanted to be with and I cant let others try to push me out or bully me. 6. What's a favorite song with the word rain in its title or lyrics? have dozens of songs that I love around the topic rain. Here are just a select few: Here comes the rain (Eurythmics), Rainbow Connection (originally Kermit but I love Sarah McLachlins rendition), Grace Like Rain ( Todd Agnew) and I wish it would rain ( The Voice contestant Preston Pohl)

 7. What does the word hope mean to you? Hope is a necessity. You have to have Hope to look towards every day and the future. Items or things can be symbolic for Hope such as a dove. Its biblical: in Romans 8:24- "For in hope we have been saved, but hope that is seen is not hope; for why does one also hope for what he sees?
8. Insert your own random thought here. Todd and I moving the first week of May and the stress is slowly creeping up my back and neck. I have SO MUCH TO PACK! I hate packing and I hate moving. Good news is that we hired a moving company for the big stuff but we have to have everything packed and ready to go. Pray for a seamless move and no tempers in between this stressful time.